Mother and Child
I work in ceramics which I build by hand, hollow out and fire in an electric kiln in my studio. I paint using mainly acrylics and oils and draw using pencils and charcoals. I am a Lancashire woman by birth and by choice. I lived in London for almost a decade but returned to my home county Lancashire in 1988. I am passionate… about the work I have done in equality throughout my previous career in education as a teacher trainer and my art work. I am interested in cultures and identity and this has definitely influenced my art. I am inspired by art from around the world and the interaction between human beings. I am inspired by people and like to portray a range of human emotions and explore the tenderness, exchange and passions of and between a range of people.
I am drawn to curves as in art nouveau but love the simplicity and style of art deco. I love the flow of curves as they lend themselves so beautifully to sculpture but combined with simplicity. An art critic described my work as “fecund”... I think that description is perfect… “fruitful, inventive, very productive or creative intellectually” and as he paraphrased it when I questioned him on his description - “ready for it”! I aim to portray sensuality in both the subject and the style. I like to produce both representational and abstract work as either can portray the emotional intention of the work.